• Cutting Edge

    I like to invent, to make use of brand new technologies and drive them to their limits.

    Why do the same thing over and over again?

  • Reliable

    Coding standards are usually defined for very good reason. I take pride in ensuring the things I create are always made to the highest standards, and maintain my code to bring it up to current defintions as needed.

    I agree with and support OpenStand, the mordern paradigm for standards.

  • Entertaining

    The internet should be a place of amusement and enjoyment besides one of business. A developer who applies his talents only to serious and austere tasks is bound to go mad.

    I love to ply my trade for the sake of whimsy. Coding is an art, and art should be fun!



The Erekson Online Herald

Several years ago my extended family decided that we needed a way to easily communicate with each other. We are a very large family that is literally scattered around the entire world. As the resident family geek, I took it upon myself to set up a family forum.

After many incarnations, this is the current version of our site. It uses the open source software phpBB3 as the basis of the site, though I have heavily modified it to suit our needs. We wanted it to be private, with forum conversations and galleries accessible only to family members. Unless you are a registered and logged-in user, you are unable to see anything other than the front page and few select pages.

The site also utilizes Envolve chat, a free chat system that plugs into phpBB3 to offer a real-time chat in the site footer. Once again, I modified the chat code quite a bit so that it works better with our site, displaying user avatars and other desired features.