• Cutting Edge

    I like to invent, to make use of brand new technologies and drive them to their limits.

    Why do the same thing over and over again?

  • Reliable

    Coding standards are usually defined for very good reason. I take pride in ensuring the things I create are always made to the highest standards, and maintain my code to bring it up to current defintions as needed.

    I agree with and support OpenStand, the mordern paradigm for standards.

  • Entertaining

    The internet should be a place of amusement and enjoyment besides one of business. A developer who applies his talents only to serious and austere tasks is bound to go mad.

    I love to ply my trade for the sake of whimsy. Coding is an art, and art should be fun!



Royal Weddings Decor

Royal Weddings Decor is a wedding decoration business that wanted to reestablish a web presence after a number of months. I first assisted in setting up a new hosting account and getting the domain pointed.

I opted to utilize Wordpress because of the ease of future updates and additions. The owner of the site wanted the ability to add pictures of her available decorations to the site without the need to contact me. Using a blogging platform as a CMS turned out to be a good option since it is fairly simple to use and provides many customization options.

The site owner chose a free template that she liked, and I customized it to fit the color scheme of some advertisements she had previously published.

Overall it was a fairly simple design job with little actual coding involved, but the site owner was very happy with the end result.