• Cutting Edge

    I like to invent, to make use of brand new technologies and drive them to their limits.

    Why do the same thing over and over again?

  • Reliable

    Coding standards are usually defined for very good reason. I take pride in ensuring the things I create are always made to the highest standards, and maintain my code to bring it up to current defintions as needed.

    I agree with and support OpenStand, the mordern paradigm for standards.

  • Entertaining

    The internet should be a place of amusement and enjoyment besides one of business. A developer who applies his talents only to serious and austere tasks is bound to go mad.

    I love to ply my trade for the sake of whimsy. Coding is an art, and art should be fun!



Great House Fliggerty

Great House Fliggerty represents my reason for learning web development in the first place. When I first began making modifications for the game Morrowind, I wanted to put up a website to showcase my mods, and include a forum on which people could discuss the development of those mods. As I became more skilled at mod development and web development, more people joined this community, which encouraged me to continue to push the envelope in both areas.

This site is based around the phpBB3 open source forum software package. However, it is heavily modified to meet my needs. I have incorporated the Envolve chat system, which I also customized quite a bit. I built a multi-site login system that utilizes cross-domain cookies to allow site members to login to various sister sites (such as Morrowind Modding History and The Holds of Skyrim) at the same time.

GHF features a mod hosting area in which site members are allowed and encouraged to upload game plugins that they author. I built this entirely from scratch, with server security in mind the entire time. As a file is uploaded, many checks are done to ensure the file is safe and that there is no malicious intent on the part of the user. It also features an administration control panel in which categories can be managed, files can be reviewed, and more.

Great House Fliggerty has been operating with phpBB3 for nearly 6 years now. I am constantly working on updating this site and adding new features to it. It will never be done.