• Cutting Edge

    I like to invent, to make use of brand new technologies and drive them to their limits.

    Why do the same thing over and over again?

  • Reliable

    Coding standards are usually defined for very good reason. I take pride in ensuring the things I create are always made to the highest standards, and maintain my code to bring it up to current defintions as needed.

    I agree with and support OpenStand, the mordern paradigm for standards.

  • Entertaining

    The internet should be a place of amusement and enjoyment besides one of business. A developer who applies his talents only to serious and austere tasks is bound to go mad.

    I love to ply my trade for the sake of whimsy. Coding is an art, and art should be fun!



Zombie Watchdog

Zombie Watchdog is my premiere Android app. This site supports the app, showing the current alert levels, displaying aggregated news articles, and more.

This site was my first foray into HTML5 and CSS3, so it features some new technologies that I had never before experimented with. One of the features that I am most proud of is the interactive map on the index page. It utilizes scalable vector graphics to draw the map, and colors each geographical region based upon that region's current alert level.

The largest portion of development to this site is not publicly visible however. Because it is supporting an app that acquires a lot of data from our server, I had to create a number of APIs for the app to communicate with. This site features a full administration control panel in which the admin team is able to control every aspect of the site and the app.